"An hour a day of walking can help prevent childhood obesity"
Scott Gee, MD


Welcome concerned parents!

When many of us were growing up, times were simpler. We rode to school on our bikes or joined a neighborhood caravan through the neighborhood to school. Now it's different. Today only 15 percent of children ride or bike to school compared to 50 percent forty years ago.

One of the goals of Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is turn the clock back by providing parents with the necessary resources to enable our children to safely walk and bike to school. Please see the following links for more information on creating a SRTS program in your community.

Steps to Creating a Safe Routes to School Program

Starting a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program is an opportunity to make walking and bicycling to school safer for children and to increase the number of children who choose to walk and bicycle. On a broader level, SRTS programs can enhance children's health and well-being, ease traffic congestion near the school and improve air quality and improve community members' overall quality of life. The steps outlined in this section are meant to provide guidance by providing a framework for establishing a SRTS program based on what has worked in other communities. Some communities may find that a different approach or a reordering of these steps works better for them.